Atari 5200 Ultimate SD Multicart

Atari 5200 Ultimate SD Multicart
Brand: AtariMax
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The Atari 5200 Ultimate SD cartridge is an SD card based multi-cart for your Atari 5200 game system.

The Ultimate SD is the most advanced cartridge ever produced for the Atari 5200 and includes a 50 MIPS onboard CPU, advanced upgradable hardware logic, 512KB of SRAM and 128KB of block flash.

The Ultimate SD Cartridge supports the following Atari 5200 ROM formats:

· All standard 32K or less ROM images.

· All bank-switched ROM images including Bounty Bob Strikes Back!

· MEGA-CART Bank-switched ROM images up to 512KB (M.U.L.E, etc)

· New modes including the Hybrid 512KB full Read/Write 8k/8k Bank-switching mode

The bank switching logic, CPU firmware, boot flash and menu software are all 100% field upgradable by just placing new files on the SD card and turning on the system!

The Ultimate SD kit includes the following:

· Atarimax Ultimate SD Cartridge for Atari 5200

· Surprise BONUS 5200 Homebrew! (See Below)

· Surprise BONUS Three NEW 5200 Conversion Titles! (See Below)

· 32MB or Larger SD Card (Pre-Orders shipping with 512MB Cards)

· Menu Software (Pre-loaded and ready to use on SD Card)

· Free Firmware Upgrades and Technical Support

· Real Lifetime Warranty

This item is drop shipped directly from AtariMax. Because of this, we are bound to their shipping time. We will update the order once we have confirmation that it has shipped with tracking.

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