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    Thanks for pointing out the non-modded part as many people don't have the want or need to mod devices.

    Thanks for the notification. The Armor3 is a low cost method to connect Composite video on the cable to HDMI. Ideally you would want a scan doubler for the best image or an addon module to your C64 to provides RGB output.

    Thank you for the input. We will change our header pins to something smaller to fit better for future orders. If customers ever have an issue, please reach out.

    Thank you for the review and comment. Can you explain the need for having female RCA connectors? We are looking at a female s-video/rca adapter like our composite one. Just trying to find a good option for a cable.

    Thank you for the review. We build to order all products as they are ordered to keep our costs down as we use the same components for multiple products. We don't want to have a bunch of inventory that doesn't sell right away but we do appreciate the feedback....

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