2/28/2024 - Just a small update. We are almost completely out of 5-pin DIN connectors needed for a few cables. We have more ordered from two suppliers. We expect them in early next week to continue processing those orders. We have been briefly delayed on PC boards as we were out of supplies as well. Those should be in by the end of this week and we will start working on them again.

2/25/2024 - We are continuing to process orders. We had and have a few larger orders which is slowing things down but making good progress. We are still hopeful to get things caught up in a week or so and appreciate your patience. Orders received will ship in the order we received them. If you by some chance want to cancel you order, either use the Contact Us page and include you invoice # and order details or respond to the original email invoice we sent you. It may take a couple days to process. Thank you for your patience.

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