At 8-Bit Classics, we are passionate about the vibrant world of retro gaming and vintage computing. Our goal is to preserve and share the rich history and cultural impact of these timeless machines, which continue to captivate and inspire gamers, developers, and enthusiasts alike. That’s why we are excited to partner with events or content creators whose interests align with our mission.

As a proud sponsor, 8-Bit Classics aims to support and celebrate the creators and communities that share our love for the golden age of gaming and computing. By collaborating with talented individuals and events, we hope to foster an engaging atmosphere that promotes knowledge exchange, nostalgia, and camaraderie among fans of 8-bit classics.

We believe that sponsoring events or content creators is an excellent opportunity to bring together like-minded enthusiasts, spark meaningful conversations, and contribute to the thriving retro gaming and vintage computing scene. Our commitment to preserving the legacy of 8-bit technology goes beyond our website; it is a shared journey that we wish to undertake with the passionate individuals and communities that make this nostalgic world truly special.

By joining forces with events and content creators, 8-Bit Classics seeks to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the art, innovation, and craftsmanship that defined this groundbreaking era. Together, we can showcase the enduring charm and appeal of 8-bit classics, ensuring their stories are told and cherished for generations to come. For more information, please us the Contact Us page to reach out.

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Content Creators

Randall Kindig of Floppy Days


Indy Classic Computer and Video Game Expo (2023)
CoCo Fest (2022)
VCF Midwest (2021)
Midwest Gaming Classic (Long time ago)