Processing Orders Again

3/10/2024 – All orders are complete except for a couple of PC board orders as we are waiting on parts which we should receive this week. They have been contacted and we should be shipping them out soon. Thank you for your patience and we are very happy to be all caught up!

3/2/2024 – We have gone from 24 days behind on orders to about seven days as of today except for the few we are waiting on parts like the 5-pin DIN connectors. We expect to be pretty close to being caught up this weekend hopefully, if not, early next week. This of course depends on future orders but we are very close. Thank you for your patience!

2/28/2024 – Just a small update. We are almost completely out of 5-pin DIN connectors needed for a few cables. We have more ordered from two suppliers. We expect them in early next week to continue processing those orders. We have been briefly delayed on PC boards as we were out of supplies as well. Those should be in by the end of this week and we will start working on them again.

2/25/2024 – We are continuing to process orders. We had and have a few larger orders which is slowing things down but making good progress. We are still hopeful to get things caught up in a week or so and appreciate your patience. You will receive an update from our system including tracking information when your order has been processed and is ready for shipping. If you currently have an order in, please be aware we will ship in the order we receive them. If you would like to cancel the order, please contact us with the order # or reply to the email sent from our system and make the request. Please allow one to two days to complete the request and any other replies users are waiting for.

We Are Sponsoring Floppy Days Podcast

We Are Sponsoring Floppy Days Podcast

Floppy Days Vintage Computing Podcast by Randy Kindig

We are proud to announce sponsorship of the Floppy Days Vintage Computing Podcast with our friend Randy Kindig.

Floppy Days is a podcast about computers from the late 70’s and 80’s. Randy covers the machines in order of release date, as well as interviews with key individuals who helped shape the early home computer industry

Floppy Days podcast is available on iTunes, Google PlayAmazon MusicStitcher Radio, and TuneIn.

New Product Announcements – 10/18/2020

New Product Announcements – 10/18/2020

We have added some great new products for our customers to enjoy.

1st. By request, we added an Australian power adapter version of our Atari XL/XE power adapter!

2nd. We added an international power adapter with an interchangeable power connector for the Atari XL/XE computers! Power connectors available include North American, Australian, European, United Kingdom, and Chinese.

3rd. Finally, by request as well, we added the PLA20V8 replacement PLA chip for the Commodore 64. Easy to install and very compatible including the Epyx Fast Loader!