Atari XL/XE APE Warp+ OS 32-in-1 Switchless Upgrade Module


The APE WARP+ OS is replacement operating system for the Atari XL/XE computer that provides high speed I/O and power user features not available in the standard XL/XE OS.

The Warp+ OS is a direct hardware replacement for your existing OS, so clumsy drivers and OS patches are never required!

Your high speed I/O and power user features will always be available, even when playing games and using software that would make patches and drivers impossible!

The APE Warp+ OS is not required to use APE but once you try it, you will wonder how you ever used your Atari without it!

The Warp+ OS upgrade is a switchless 32-in-1 OS module. After installation the OS menu can be called up at any time by holding the SELECT key during power up.

OS selection is then made by keyboard. Your selected OS will be automatically booted each time the computer is turned on and can be changed at any time by calling up the OS menu again.

Please view the installation guide for your computer for more specific information.

As an additional special feature, you can access the APE REMOTE CONTROL application by holding SELECT+OPTION during power on.


Ape Warp+ 3X SIO : Built-in support for APE Warp+ 3X SIO at ALL TIMES.

You will no longer need to use special DOS systems (i.e. Spartados) or OS patches to get the highest possible speed from your Atari. This means your disk images will boot at 3X APE+ SIO, ALL images, even games !

Ultraspeed device compatibility

The APE Warp+ OS is also capable of full ultraspeed operation with all Ultraspeed compatible devices, such as US Doubler Enhanced 1050's. These devices will boot at full speed, and disks formatted with Ultraspeed sector skew will enjoy full ultraspeed performance at all time, even in games!

Backward Compatibility

The APE Warp+ OS is backward compatible with all unenhanced devices, and will dynamically switch between enhanced and unenhanced operation if you mix such devices on the SIO chain!

Coldstart on Demand

We all know that turning your Atari on and off every time you need to reboot will shorten the life of your computer over time.

Now you can turn on your computer once, and never cycle the power again until you are really ready to turn it off! Just hold down SELECT while pressing RESET and your computer will COLD boot, just like turning the power off!

The Warp+ OS will not interfere with the normal warmstart/coldstart behavior of your favorite software, the SELECT key just acts as an override to the normal behavior.

Reverse BASIC

Tired of holding down OPTION to disable BASIC? You only need BASIC 1 out of every 100 times you boot? Now you can hold OPTION to enable BASIC! BASIC is by default DISABLED with the Warp+ OS!


The Warp+ OS upgrade includes 32 complete operating systems for the ULTIMATE in XL/XE speed and compatibility!

APE Warp+ OS
Your standard XL/XE OS
A public domain Atari 800 Compatible OS for running those 800 only disks and cartridges
Your Standard XL/XE OS w/ Reverse BASIC Feature
Both the MyIDE "I" and "E" OS ROMs for complete MyIDE Cartridge compatibility.

Note: Not compatible with the Atari XEGS system.

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Weight 6 oz

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